Humans are amazing

Paco de Lucía

We take too many things for granted even though they are great abilities we all share as human beings.



I constantly get surprised by the mere view of human abilities and achievements. We are an incredible species.





Humans are not moved by instincts all the time, we’re emotionally driven instead.


Danny Macaskill on the video above was not born different from us, but he developed a passion for bicycles that makes him ride them much better than most of us would ever achieve.

Danny MacAskill

So in his case, passion lead to determination, and hard work, and an immense belief in himself. Those are the three ingredients of success.

What we don’t want to do…

When we’re studying something and we’re not really into it is when we become horrible students, we fail exams and we don’t like what we’re doing at all. That’s the opposite of passion.

You can continue reading while you leave the following video playing, the music is great, or you can watch the best guitar player in history in action, as you prefer.

That’s the result of taking those three elements to the maximum, but what can we do to overcome our worst nightmares AKA subjects?

Knowing we are passion driven, we have to build up a passion. It might sound strange, but it’s better than lacking an instinct.

Paco de Lucia loved playing the guitar, but do you think he really loved working on scales, painfully stretching his fingers and training his body to become one with the guitar? It was just a part of the process he overcame, and then he could enjoy the guitar more than anyone else in the world.

Yin – Yan

There’s something bad in every good in this world, therefore there’s something we’re not seeing from that subject we hate so much.

See the long-term picture, and find what’s good in it, so you can focus on it. If you can’t find any good in something, you’re not looking properly.

Our bodies

Anthropologist Marvin Harris stated the most plausible theory about human evolution regarding intelligence. As he says in his book “Our kind“, homo abbilis and homo erectus painly had the same intelligence.

But due to hot weather, homo erectus brain doubled in size so the brain could work effectively while running under the desert sun. When intelligence was necessary, we already had the space in our heads to locate it.

We learnt to walk on two feet, as that’s the most effective way of commuting in nature, so we don’t waste too much energy. We’re not very fast nor very strong, but nobody wins a human on the long-term.

We are built to keep running! To keep going for our dreams!


You might be reading my blog because you need some advice about learning a language, or you might be reading it because you want to achieve something else, you just got here by mistake, whatsoever.

I want you to know you can do anything, you just need to believe, dedication and never giving up.


It’s easy being positive, but we mustn’t get lost in that, as life sucks sometimes. That’s a part of the process.

The key is that you have to overcome the shit you find on your way to your dreams.



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