Fight for the impossible

Someone once told me my plans were impossible and will never occur… and that’s exactly why I am going for them!

Possible things are boring.

I dream of becoming the best teacher ever. When I woke up every morning and find out how far I am from that purpose, I realise how important it is to keep on trying.

I dream of a system to help millions learn a language without the effort needed these days, to get things more effective for everyone and why not say it, that all that makes me rich and with plenty of free time to enjoy life much more.

I dream of a better world, of a paradise on Earth, I dream of utopias here and there, and yes, they might never happen, but who cares?

The only thing is fighting for them. The most famous mute actor is here speaking out loud for all of us!



  1. Fantastic post! Charlie Chaplin has always been one of my favorites because he spoke volumes without ever using his voice. I had never seen nor heard of this before today. It engulfed my soul.


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