Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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We celebrate the teaching profession worldwide today, and instead of screaming out how good teachers are… let’s imagine a world without teachers.

I am so bad at remembering important dates I must say I am surprised I didn’t forget this one, despite the fact it is on a Sunday!

5th October

In order to commemorate how important is the labour many organisations and independent teachers are carrying out, the 5th October is the day of the public recognition for the teaching career.

I am a teacher, and I tend to ignore all these things, as teachers are mostly worried about our salary, vacations, dealing with parents, dealing with principals, dealing with kids…

And we do not need to be told how important our role is, as this demanding way of life is our leitmotif as the german say, our reason to live. Anyway, happy teachers’ day!

No astronauts or doctors

When you work as a teacher, many people respect you while others despise you. It is funny how a waiter would be a bit impressed when you tell him or her you’re a teacher, while a civil engineer would not.

It seems there is a rank in careers, a rank that goes far beyond salaries -even though it is normally related- and that locates you in a certain position.

Well, for all the high rank, low rank, mid rank people over there, you wouldn’t do what you’re doing is someone hadn’t taught you how to read or write. What would you have become if you hadn’t learnt how to add or subtract, multiply or divide?

No Jobs would have ever existed without teachers.

Steve Jobs with red shaw

A society depends on how the knowledge is transferred from one generation to another.

Teachers are mad

It’s a fact. Nobody sane would lock inside a room full of fully hormone individuals who don’t care at all about anything apart from their i-pads and smartphones. Teachers cannot teach, it’s students who learn. So this is a job worth avoiding.

I’ve heard stories about colleagues who decide teaching as a convenient job or because of the holiday they get. That’s the very best way to end up burnout, depressed or with a mental illness. Not in vain teachers are among the groups of people who suffer these the most.

However; haven’t you ever followed a mad man as he presented a brand new message capable of changing it all? Aren’t mad people those who discovered, invented and succeeded? I think that’s why I admire Ozzy Osbourne so much.

English: Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness, at...

Mad people show us the way to innovation.

Teachers are everywhere

From the ancient greek teachers sitting in a square in any corner of the polis to modern digital blackboards -why do we still call them blackboards? They’re white now!- education has changed a lot.

But not all the teachers are inside a classroom. I can see teachers everywhere, people who teach instinctively and all the time. Teaching is in the veins of many people.

And that’s the thing, we cannot help it, we have to teach! I remember I gave up this job in 2006. I wanted to go for another thing, I was not happy, I had a rough time and went away leaving everything behind, even my career. You know what? I instantly started to miss it! That, and my motorbike 😉

Marc Márquez at 2010 Dutch TT Assen

Wise people speak for whoever wants to listen, not just for a salary. Teachers are born, not created.

Respect hungry teachers

And my biggest claim, if we want a better society, let’s promote teachers. Teachers are not as respected as they used to be. The figure and roles teachers are playing in society are now changing and it’s seen as a necessary issue.

We have a saying in Spain that says it all: “You are hungrier than a school teacher”. And yes, we are hungry!

Teachers are hungry for a better world and therefore they put all their effort in educating your children.

Teachers are hungry of equal rights between men and women, races and all different conditions, and that’s what we promote in the classrooms.

Teachers are hungry for filling what’s inside your skulls with knowledge, with the ability to learn independently and make you become an autonomous individual.

By Paco Naranjo, just another hungry and mad teacher

Keep Thinking!


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