Shower singing!

English: Shower

Do you sing in the shower?

If the anwer is yes, that’s cool. If the answer is no, you should!

Read and learn the lyrics of a song that you really like in the language you’re studying and sing it along while having a shower!

Listening skills

A second language can sound as meaningless as the rain. It is a process to get some clarity out of it, but paraphrasing what you listen is a good way.

Can you think of a better way to paraphrase than singing? No matter whether you’re listening to the tune or not, just sing along to improve your listening skills!


This is one of the most difficult things to learn. But a language is music by mere definition. Each language is a song we want to learn.

Despite the fact that we change the intonation while singing, it is always going to be better to imitate someone singing than not imitating any native example at all.

In addition, is much more fun!

Speaking in public!!!!!!!!!!

That is one of my students’ biggest fears. Speaking in public!!!!!!!! yeah… yeah… I know… but I’ll say it again… SPEAKING IN PUBLIC!!!!!!

English: "Śląsko Godka" - Conference...

It is a matter of life and death really.

Singing can help you, the same way speaking in private will for learning how to speak in public… because is just the same!

You’ll built up some confidence you can use in the class or in a real environment.

Keep Thinking!


  1. When I was in choir, the conductor frequently liked to have us sing in foreign languages because he said you get a purer sound that way. Since the syllables are unfamiliar, you don’t mess them up as much with your local accent.

    I always enjoyed translating popular music lyrics into French or German – it’s a fun exercise, and at the end, you really have something to sing about! Nowadays, I like to try to make out the words in foreign popular music – although I’m not sure Rammstein offers the best example 😉


  2. Du hast! I think Rammstein or any band that you like is a good example, is all about fun and we don’t always have to be politically correct, do we?
    I agree with the conductor that separating you from the language you can only pay attention to the music, and we can also do the opposite and use the songs for learning paying attention to the lyrics. Actually we’re full of possibilities.
    Thanks a lot for your comment!


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