Catalonia IS Spain!

 When a language is used to separate instead of being used to represent a society, we have a problem…

Political issues are not part of this blog’s content, neither news. However; as there is a strong connection with the language I feel I must say something on the issue.

Spain’s Community

I believe the world has a wrong idea of the issue in Catalonia, and I would like to point out a few facts people may not know.

Catalonia is a wonderful Mediterranean Autonomous Community of Spain. That is to say it is one of the 17 Communities with an independent government than form the complex reality of Spain.

Each Community is different, and get more of less independency. Catalonia, together with Andalusia and the Basque region are the ones wich are by far more independent.


As well as the Basque region, asking to separate has become a profitable activity for all politicians.

The main reason is the language, as it seems that having a different language is something that allows them to separate from Spain, the European Union and the world.

Catalonian is a beautiful language that evolved directly from Latin in the same way Portuguese or French did. It is not a Spanish dialect as Gallego or other languages we have in this country. But the richness of a romance language does not mean they have to be outside.

The fact that Franco prohibited Catalonian during the dictatorship regime is  not an excuse to impose their language. Franco prohibited quite a lot of things everywhere and we must not keep pining or claiming because of something that started in 1939 and ended in 1975.

Enough is enough and it was far too hard to keep on blaming the same things that happened more than thirty years ago.


But of course there is a reason why asking to separate is profitable, you get more and more benefits from the central government. Madrid, trying to keep everyone happy has to lose power because of them.

So we have the patriarch of the modern Catalonian separatism, Jordi Pujol and those €200 million in Andorra. Liar and Thief.

Català: L'expresident de la Generalitat de Cat...The reality behind these politicians who speak Catalonian in the congress and in the media to force the use of interpreters, when they speak perfect Spanish most of the time, is that they are getting rich by telling the people they are oppressed under Spanish central government.


Reality is that most of the separatists are Andalusian’s children whose parents had to go there to work, because Franco dismantled the factories in Andalusia and gave them to them so they were happy.

Reality is that most of the international companies that reside in Barcelona will move to Madrid immediately had the independency take place.

Reality is that Barcelona F. C. one of the best football teams in the world, will have no league to play if Catalonia gets independent. Are you playing alone and winning all the time?

Reality is thousands, millions of Catalonians do not want to separate from their country, from their culture, from their roots.

Reality is you can be Catalonian and Spanish, and European, and a citizen of the world defending your personal idiosyncrasy while you belong to a bigger reality.

Reality is that Catalonian’s politicians go around the world saying they are like Gandhi or Martin Luther King while they are professional liars. Please don’t insult such personalities and be a bit more humble.

Reality is that they know they will be thrown out of the European Union if they leave Spain, and their wonderful economy is nothing out of the Euro currency and outside Spain.

Reality is they owe millions to Spanish central government while they claim they are being robbed. Who built your roads? your schools? your entire Community?

Reality is that being independent is not good for them, nor for the rest of us. But asking for it has become the best game they can play.

Reality is you cannot compare your right with the Scottish people, because Scotland is and was a country debating whether to leave the UK, you are a region. The Catalonian referendum should be done in ALL Spain, not just there. Even though you want to make it there illegally you can even lose it, people are not as convinced as you pretend them to be.

Reality is we have lived together, suffered, fought, laughed and cooperated like brothers through millenia, do you really want to end all that up just because of a bunch of politicians brainwashing the people? We all lose guys, all of us.

You don’t know how good I feel now by saying all this!

And to the biggest liar of all whom I won’t even name here but he thinks he is entitled to dismember an entire country just because of his greed.

Keep Thinking!


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