Do it anyway – Holiday preparation

English: family vacation summer 2007

It is fairly easy to keep up obligations while you are in the middle of your routine life, but do you keep up your obligations while on vacation?

I have been on holiday since 1st September. However; you can see the blog has been regularly updated as usual, three posts a week.

Yeah, I scheduled them, I admit, as I am away now, but one way or another, when you’re away on holiday you should leave your stuff ready for that time. So I wrote extra things during August so that nobody knows I’m away!

Well, you know now… and if you follow-up all my updates you’d notice Facebook has been updated as usual as before. Well, we must also decide what to put up and what to go on with.

Language learner

Dear language learner, please make sure you do not forget what you’ve learnt during your holiday season. If you totally forget the progress achieved, you would have to re-start again once you’ve returned.

There are easy ways such as studying and doing some homework…

…and there are far easier ones such as travelling, talking, watching TV, listening to music or playing video-games in a second language!


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