deadly-catsins-marija-tiurina-47 Deadly Catsins By Marija Tiurina

Can the deadliest sin be related to language learning?

Reproduction is a basic instinct, that has evolved into a great complexity in humans. On the documentary above we can see how lust affects humans, both men and women.

As we love, and have a passion and we’re also among the very few species who sees sex apart from reproductive reasons.

Lady Lust

Can lust make you learn a language faster?

It surely can. Languages are useful for becoming a member of a social group at a first stage, we learnt that from SuperBaby, but once that’s achieved, a language is one of the keys to reproduction in human behaviour.

When second language learners face a situation in which they confront someone who’s sexually attractive, the Dormant Giant is at its most in order to get intimate.

If a different language is an obstacle, we actually give our best to solve the situation and get our message across.

Learning reality

For singletons it can be easy, but this can have a benefit for everyone despite the fact we might be in a relationship.

You don’t need to go out like a teenager trying to pull, but you can always try some simple tricks.

Watching people you find attractive on movies or films can help if it’s in a second language.

Imagine possible lusty situations with your couple, just imagine in a second language.

Be creative and invent anything to use this amazing energy to your goal.

Keep Thinking!

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