SuperBaby Vs Nemesis Kid


It’s been a long time without publishing anything about SuperBaby, but here we have her adventures back again!

Just in case you haven’t heard of her, SuperBaby is this blog’s superhero, someone who can accomplish one of the most difficult tasks in the universe, learn a language.

Previous SuperBaby adventures here and here and here.

School time

In modern times, there exist a moment in life in which kids are taken to school. SuperBaby was sent to nursery school at a very early age, and here she found something unexpected.

After being the centre of attention and having had the best environment to develop her skills and work her senses, she suddenly finds out she’s not the centre of the universe. Same age kids around…

Nemesis Kid

Crying is effective to make the granny jump out of the armchair to assist you, but not against same age children. And Nemesis Kid arrived earlier to the school and he has taken control of all the toys SuperBaby likes!

But Nemesis Kid couldn’t care less about SuperBaby crying. When kids confront their own age individuals, problems arise.

Now; SuperBaby needs to unlearn everything she ever knew and use a different communication system.

Talking to enemies

By definition, any kid is an enemy to SuperBaby. Babies believe a newborn will substitute them, and they cannot allow anyone to steal their nipple, as their lives depend on it!

Humans learn to be kind and values like sharing after the early childhood, but when they’re new-born individuals they envy everything. Show a toy to a baby and that would be the only trigger they need to desperately want it!

But when outside the adults’ protection, they have to deal with their own kind. And Nemesis Kid is able to attack violently, to steal toys and to betray anyone.

SuperBaby has to learn how to deal with her own age enemies and create a new language. Her language skills will get fully developed by talking to children her same age.

This is when the generational change is import to language, and when after fighting, they might become friends with one another.

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