The more radical, the more ignorant

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...

Open your mind to a world of infinite possibilities and don’t stick to only one opinion…

We all love to be right, and we can discuss and argue for hours when we want to defend our own opinion. But are we right?

Smartphones and bar discussions

Smartphones have been the cause of ending up many bar discussions as they all have Google connection, so we can ask the new guru of information and find out.

But isn’t it funny how before googling the topic each one of the speakers claimed to be right? We hate to be wrong.

If you want to learn, unlearn firstly

You cannot fill a glass with water unless it’s empty, so you  cannot fill your mind with new information unless you unlearn whatsoever was there before!

As humans, we’re highly adaptable. More than any other species that walks this Earth. But we are handicapped, we don’t like changing and we tend to stop it coming.

So we sometimes are like a chimp shouting at the sky to stop the rain, like the dog barking at its own shadow or like a man believing he’s always right…

As a teacher, I suffer this everyday. I cannot teach anything my students are not willing to unlearn first.

As a man, I don’t like changing my mind or getting new stuff in my head if it contradicts the previous stuff there.

However; I’m trying my very best to change that stupid condition of mine and be able to learn on everything life puts on my way.

Wanna learn?

The answer is very clear now. Unlearn something firstly.

Keep Unlearning!


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