Fail Compilation

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Have you ever failed? Any funny moment?

 Humans fail, it is a fact. We actually remember failures more than anything else. If someone you know fell down at a wedding or said the silliest thing in the class, that anecdote will be forever remembered!

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We hate failing

We love when others fail, but we hate failing ourselves, isn’t it right? Of course it is right.

I could laugh for years just remembering my friends’ failures, but when all that energy is turned back on me it feels a bit disappointing… but we have to smile in defeat too!

In the language class… FAIL!!!!!

But the learning process is not just about what we like, it is what it is. So you have to fail in order to learn. It doesn’t really matter what I tell you, you have to see it through your own eyes and make mistakes!

English: Contagious Laughter

What to do with those mistakes

Written Stuff

Use your own mistakes, as well as your classmates mistakes, to help you learn. Most students would completely clear out any mistakes from their notebooks.

That is the correct thing to do so you never see them again.

That’s incorrect, strike them through so you can read them, when you study you will know there is a spot in need for revision.

Spoken Stuff

Nothing can be funnier than a verbal misunderstanding in a class. All your silent classmates start laughing and making comments… then laugh with them!

Laughter has a remedy for all diseases in this universe. You can turn red, you can blame yourself, you can have a bad time in the class, you can quit studying, you can kill yourself if you want…

But laugh at your own mistake and not only you’ll remember it as a funny thing, you won’t make it again, which is what this is all about.

Find the reason why

I found out that many of my students don’t revise their corrected activities when I give them back to them. I put a lot of effort correcting, and give them instructions about correcting it and why and all that.

Do you do the same? You have to. If you don’t know why you made a mistake and how to repair it, you know nothing.

Babies again

I don’t want to repeat myself too much (perhaps it’s too late!) but only babies learn languages, and they basically achieve something that impressive by making lots of mistakes.

Only mistakes can be corrected, and only corrected stuff can be changed. Otherwise, nothing to do.

Keep Failing!


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