The Art Point of View

English: Leonardo da Vinci in Amboise Русский:...I don’t think Leonardo Da Vinci was feeling obliged when painting the Mona Lisa…


An artist in search for inspiration is someone who walks this Earth with an open mind, searching the muses in any possible spot.

Art can be breathtaking or dull to the one who contemplates it, but it is certainly life itself to the artist, as an artist cannot live without creating.

Are you an artist?

If you have any artistic inclination, it is done. You are an artist. If you don’t have any artistic behaviour whatsoever, just let me tell you I don’t believe you, but you have to find it.

When an artist is immerse in an artistic creation, mind gets so concentrated that our total mental capacity is used in this short time period, and we bright like a star.

Be an artistic student

When we’re studying, learning or doing anything really, we must get as close as the artistic mood as possible. That’s the only way to reach our personal best.

Put passion and heart in everything you do.




    1. 😀 you made me laugh! It’s all a bit like some Picasso’s paintings that noone understands but everyone agrees they’re superb, and when someone says something is wrong with it many are brave to express they don’t actually like it! I think we need an expert to explain to us what made those pictures so famous.
      Thanks for your comment!


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