What I tell you, what you understand

English: Transactional Model of Communication

I speak, and you listen, but do you really understand? Do I really explain myself properly?

Words sometimes fail…

The process is simple, and idea or concept comes out of your head, and you translate it into words, and express it.

Those words travel through the air, paper or screen and get into someone else’s head. Another brain analyzes the new information and… an idea is created.

Do you think the ideas in both brains are the same? I don’t know about you but I can hardly understand my girlfriend most of the times 🙂


Opinions are diverse, as we can only try to interpret reality. Nobody knows what reality really is, we can only interpret what our senses let us know about it.

That’s why we don’t have to agree, and we are not always right, and we are sometimes both wrong or right at the same time, as reality is something that can be explained in many different ways.

Parents / Children


Parents Just Don't Understand

Parents Just Don’t Understand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If passing information from one brain to another was not enough, imagine when there’s a generation separating both people.

Teacher / Student

If we also add some lack of interest, as many students and teachers suffer when they enter the class room, the situation can be worse.

People get bored, and the cognitive channel closes and there’s no learning implied.

The proper listener

Listening is a passive skill we must train for our own good. At least in the western world, we’re horrible listeners!

I normally tell my students to shut up, screaming a bit and with an angry face (acting is part of the job, hehe) and I always tell them something I heard ages ago and which impressed me hugely.

We have two ears and only one mouth because listening is more important than speaking.

There’s only one person responsible of listening, and it’s YOU. If you pay attention to it and you don’t interrupt or get distracted, you can start creating the environment for your brain to interpret what it’s listening.

Saying that it’s boring will only lead you to being bored. If you don’t get it, it might be your fault, try to get the most of everything.

Some speakers can be wrong or be boring, don’t judge them for that, only judge what you are listening AFTER you’ve listened everything and build up your own opinion taking in consideration his or hers.

The more egocentric we are, the less we listen. Be smart. Keep Thinking!

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