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We are doing it wrong, we’re teaching our kids to hate books!

Television, PlayStation and ipads are ruining our reading skills, not because those inventions are harmful, but because we substitute some things for others instead of re-adapting to a new reality.

The End of Books - page 226b


I am a great fan of the smell of a new book. Once I buy it, I open it randomly and smell the newly opened pages. Paper can be felt, the touch, the smell, the look of the edition is something worth taking into account.

Fahrenheit 451 e-book on the Kindle

But apart from the great joy that books give us, I also own an e-book. I do not have enough space to keep all my books, and every time I move, which is actually every three to four years, I always complain about the number of books I have to carry, so I decided for an e-book. It’s a great invention and it can be used for the same as I use books: for reading!

And there’s more, as we can also read in iPad, laptops, smartphones and anywhere you like it. But read.

Written language

The issue that a language can be written is amazing. We do not always give the importance it really has, but I’m sure if written language hadn’t been invented, we wouldn’t have got this far with technology at all.

Written language hasn’t changed essentially, however, where we write has. I am publishing a post on my blog, which is a sentence that would have made Charles Dickens believe I was talking nonsense.


I strongly believe new inventions should add up in our lives, and not take anything out. Especially when it’s something we really need. But it seems technology has changed our habits and children are not reading much today.

But blaming technology is not the key, there is only ONE reason why children don’t read, and it’s because THEY NEVER SEE THEIR PARENTS READING. Or at least not enough.

Imitating is a key feature of learning a language, and so it is of learning everything in life. I remember myself picking up novels from the shelves because I saw my father reading them!

I hated kids books back them, full of colourful pictures and a boring little text, and even though everybody gave them to me as a present, I still preferred to borrow Jack London’s novels from dad’s collection.


The benefit reading has in our lives is huge. By seeing the ideas separated in words, sentences and paragraphs our spatial intelligence comes into play as we learn another way to organise ideas.

We can also get deeper into someone else’s ideas, which is something incredibly good to improve our empathy and become better individuals for a society in which we should cooperate.

Reading helps our writing, spelling, style etc. which helps everyone to express better in exam situations, or in any other situation in which we have to express ourselves writing. It’s very sad when someone has to write  a couple of words and struggles to make it happen.

Reading novels is incredibly fun! We expand our lives dramatically by reading adventures, love stories or funny stuff. We can live through someone else’s lives and we get deeper into their personalities than any film would show us their characters.

We learn a lot reading essays, philosophy, history, maths or whatever subject you want to learn, as the entire knowledge of the humankind is in books.

So books can only make you a better person, and make sure you not only read, but you encourage people to do it as well, that’s your duty, to live a life on Earth trying to improve the world!

Keep Reading!


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