Happy Birthday

It is important to celebrate the day we were born in this society, and it is a bit tricky. I’m not much into these kind of social activities in which you must comply with the social standards, or so I see it. So I don’t even celebrate my birthday and I normally forget others’.

But I really want to wish a happy birthday to someone today. For all the good and bad we’ve shared, and because I really mean it.

Under normal circumstances, we’d be hanging around, doing any crazy stuff or we might just hung on the phone for some time.

We wouldn’t have cared much about anything else really. It was our way of making our stuff, we’d forget about anything and just go for our own lives.

Had we been lucky enough to get into our trio, we’d have annoyed the world with our laughter and inappropriate manners, while giving a brisk life experience to our surroundings, whether they were ready to take it or not.

But I understand these are not normal circumstances, despite the fact I must admit it has become our daily routine. We close our eyes, push forward our work, family and obligations, and pretend nothing happens. But it does.

However; I’ve learnt to hold a smile under any sky, and force myself to it really, as that’s what the world deserves to get from us, and because drowning in our own sadness wouldn’t make any difference.

Happy Birthday fella…


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