Some things just don’t work.

Things don’t always go as expected, and it is possible that we face failure from time to time.

The majority never failed

I believe most of us do not fail, we abandon.

But I will not say that if you keep going forever you’re going to succeed. At least, we shall take some things into account.

Failure of a tank to cross a trench

Einstein defined madness as expecting different results from the same action. We must re-adapt to new situations, as doing what we’ve been doing will only lead us to where we are now.

If you never give up with the whole picture in mind, having a quite general goal and being able to re-adapt to minor steps along the way, success will be yours.

Only the fool wouldn’t realize

But our determination cannot lead us to become stubborn individuals who would hit the same wall again and again just because we thought that’s the only way to advance.

Wrong Way ... Way Wrong

Be smart enough to recognize your mistakes. It is a very difficult task, but it is the first step to correct them!

Let’s be honest

I love when I’m right, it is just easier… and even though I enjoy discovering new things and learning new stuff, I am no different from you, and I hate being wrong.

We can sometimes argue for an eternity trying to win the prize of being the foolest idiot around, and unfortunately we’re all like that sometimes.

I am working it out and writing this post is probably a way of doing it and try to become a better individual, and I know this affects us all.

My point is I have already started doing it, and I still have a long way to go, but I’m on it… and what about you?


Sh*t happens… just stand up and keep walking!


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