Who wants to be lonely?

Loneliness is an interesting feeling, we despise it as much as we long for it.

tracksPhoto by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

And the worst of all is that you don’t have to be lonely to feel alone. Nothing can be worse than feeling lonely when surrounded by many, but in your heart you’re touched by none.

Railway tracks are appealing, they make you feel like going out and never to return, they make you dream and they make you laugh.

taken at a park in Aberdeen, Scotland

But it will soon be too many people around, too much noise, too much pollution… and you’ll seek that loneliness once again, but you’ll never seem to find it.

The problem is usually the same, we want whatever we don’t have, and we think somewhere else is going to be better.

But we carry the key to our own realm, and it’s only us who can open wide the gates and let the happiness enter.

We blame others, we blame the world and we wish we’d travelled away on dirty forgotten trains…

But we must only take the lead on our own lives.

DP Challenge.


    1. It seems it’s human condition to long for whatever is out or reach, and it is our duty to fight that and try to do something quite difficult, live our lives!
      Thanks for your comment 😉


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