How should I study?

My desk

Do you set a certain time to study or you don’t stop until you feel you know enough?

You should know when to stop, not too early, not too late!

Studying can be a very interesting or boring task, no matter what, if you’re a student there are several things you need to know.

Time doesn’ t matter

I found out that many of my students, the responsible ones of course, set their alarm clocks when they start studying and decide how long they’re studying before starting.

Yuno's alarm clock ? No, it's mine.

We live in a schedule society in which we work for a specific time, but well, studying should not be like that, a student has no schedule, as any time is good for learning. I know there can be some days in which you have to leave at a certain time… I understand, but that should not be the normal thing you do.

Results matter

What a student must get is results, and I do not refer to the exam marks yet, but you know that feeling when you feel you know you’ve learnt the lesson, you’ve done your tasks and you feel proud.

Three students studying outside Georgetown Uni...

Instead of setting the alarm clock, set your common sense to decide whether is worth stopping or continuing according to how well you know it.


We have already talked about moods when studying, and I will insist forever, a student cannot be drowned in negative feelings, because your cognitive channel closes.

Try to be objective, focus on the long-term and it won’t be such a problem to study. I sometimes tell my pre-teenage students some stories about kids in Africa walking 20 miles every morning to get a jar of muddy water home and then walk another 20 miles getting to school.

How Much for Happy

They don’t normally think how lucky they are, and I want them to be thankful. If you are studying, you’re a lucky person, enjoy it!


Your desk cannot be a terrible mess, your bedroom could be, but not your desk, not your notes, not your books! You should find a logic when you study, and that implies being organised, otherwise you’ll get more work just putting things in order!

Old Apt 2

And I am a messy person, people cannot find anything in my own stuff, but I can! and that’s what counts! If you cannot find something in less than 5 seconds, you’re doing it wrong, the rest is your choice.


It is very difficult to swim 1,000 metres non stop. I love swimming and I could give you a running example, but I won’t as I have never been able to run much really. However; I started swimming long ago to train for Scuba diving, and I found out it was very tiring.

Gizmo the Pug Studies for Law School

I kept training and sooner than I thought I managed to set a very good mark, swimming 1 kilometre non stop was a total achievement for me. How did I do it? Well I must say I did it because I tried everyday no matter what, and it is not about killing yourself today and forget it tomorrow, is about a bit every day.

Know yourself

The ideas you can find on this blog are my best way of helping you out, but not the only ones, of course. There’s nothing better than getting to know yourself. Experience will help you, your thoughts, your likes and dislikes, and it is just a matter of time that if you listen to the signs, you’ll get to know deeper into your own personality, and therefore be more effective studying.

But remember to keep thinking, and share your thoughts, we want to know from you.


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