Daily Vocabulary Vs Verbs


What do think is more necessary nouns or verbs? Most of us believe that nouns are more important than anything else, but we’re wrong…

Have you noticed that the vast majority of sentences we listen or even produce have a verb? Verbs are essential to communication and the centre of most of our sentences.


Verbs are action words, or words that express an action. An action can be done or felt, the same way that both “to build” and “to love” are verbs, but one represents a much more physical result.

Using verbs we can define words, express what we like or dislike or ask for a cold beer and something to eat in the pub.


Haven´t I mentioned anything about vocabulary before? I don’t want to get very repetitive, but I will, as nouns are not as important as we think!

We tend to forget words, as there are far too many than necessary and human memory is quite bad actually. If you’re lucky enough to have a photographic memory that’s okay with you, but not for the rest of us.

I will give you plenty of tools to learn new words, but I will give you more tools to express yourself when you don’t know the exact words, you can use…

What was that…? Oh sh*t! I just forgot… that piece of writing you find in a dictionary right next to a word… DEFINITION! that’s right, we can use definitions to get ourselves easily understood.

Daily vocabulary

Sooner than you think, you’ll find you know more words that you even knew, and that’s because daily vocabulary is easily remembered, just because we use it very often.

So forget about all the words you don’t know yet, and focus on that daily vocabulary you always use, the verbs and definitions.

It is amazing how well we can speak and communicate with just little of a language, so you don’t need to be an expert to speak.

Keep Thinking!

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