Small boy with a pet dog singing in unison. Th...

It’s a boys thing to fight friends. Girls argue a lot, but they don’t use violence as often as boys. Children are difficult when they socialize with other children,but no one can deny we cannot get angry with a dog…

A moving tail, inquisitive eyes, a fairly stupid expression and always willing to follow you to the end of the world.

When I think of a sidekick I cannot imagine nothing better than a human, but not any person can get on well with you. However; you only need a bit of patience and a sausage to become a close friend with a dog.

Dogs is Dogs


A dog is a wonderful animal. My deepest respect to cat owners, but I can’t stand a cat next to me. I feel it is going to betray me at every second. But I would gladly put my life in the hands of my dogs with the total certainty they would protect it with their own.

Dogs pee everywhere, which is something only sidekicks do with you. Peeing can be a very intimate necessity, or a funny game. Dogs, especially males, pee everywhere. That was something I found hilarious when I was a kid.

Dogs can be taught nearly anything. You have to be patient, but they can learn to do everything you expect from them. They want to please you really, and the only matter is to get the message across.

I remember the best bitch I had the pleasure to share my life with, a shepherd dog with long black hair. She was so clever she could learn any trick I wanted her to do in a record time. So I taught her to jump over obstacles and to sit when told. I didn’t teach her to shake hands as I think that’s a stupid thing for a dog to do.

But above all, we shared our lives, our food, our entertaining… we shared everything that three-year old shepherd dog and this ten-year old kid had. Not that I’m ten now… I wish…

She taught me how to bark.


But friends come and go, and you have to let your dogs go, as they normally die long before us.

I don’t have any dog now, after years sharing my life with them, my personal situation now and my most recent losses have put me in a weird state. I miss dogs, but I don’t want them really.

English: Corrigin dog cementery


What I admire the most about dogs is how protective they are. Any dog in this world would give its life without hesitation at all in order to protect you.

My dogs protected our family cottage to death if necessary from anything, or anyone, anytime, anywhere. I cannot expect the same from many humans.

Be dog my friend

In Spanish culture, we define dog people when we refer to someone lazy or who wouldn’t mind things one way or another too much.

Despite the fact it is not a good thing to call anyone, I actually think this entire world would be much better if we behaved more like dogs.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>On the contrary, this cat world is taking us to severe individualism!

DP Challenge.


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