Face it!

English: A garden sculpture of a sleeping huma...

A human face is one of the more powerful communicating devices in nature, let’s learn a few things about faces.

Face it! our facial expressions are among the most sophisticated in nature and it is not too smart to miss them.

Look at me in the eye

When we think we’re looking at one same spot, we’re not really, as our eyes move a lot. However, we do focus on one particular object, and eyes are our favourite spots when we’re talking to a person.

When speaking a second language, looking at the other person’s eyes is a great help, as many of his or her emotions will have a particular expression we’ll be able to recognise.


We should always put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, as that would help us to understand how people feel. That ability is called empathy.

If we focus on the other person’s emotions, we can understand him or her better and easier.

Sorry, I didn’t get that

Some of my students pretend they know everything, but they cannot hide that “I didn’t get that” face.

English: The facial expression of an insane ge...

It is very simple to recognise when a person does not understand but pretends he or she does. So, unless you’re talking to a very good actor, you should be able to get people’s negative feelings as well.

I’m pretty sure parents notice when their kids are lying, and teachers notice when students are.

Give what you want to receive

It is very unusual for a person to have total facial expression control, but we know actors, compulsive liars, psychopaths and politicians normally do. But we, normal individuals, can smile and be kind to others in a truly way.

So why don’t you try to show your very best expression to the world? We deserve your smile, and you deserve ours.

Smile in and out

When we are happy, we normally smile, but does it  happen the other way round? Shrinks say it does, so who am I to argue?

If you are not in the mood, forcing your facial muscle to produce a smile can actually benefit how you are feeling and make you feel much better. So as you are supposed to be happy, you can start forcing it physically!

Do you think it doesn’t work? I think it’s worth trying and then, you can let us know whether it worked or not by commenting below.

Keep Thinking!


  1. Interesting post! Hiding confusion is hard…even when I nod along and make encouraging ‘hmm’s’ and ‘oh yeah’s’, my husband knows I haven’t got the foggiest idea what he’s talking about :-/


    1. And even harder with your spouse as he knows you well! At the end it’s all the same, we’re too arrogant to show our weaknesses, and I am an expert being arrogant and stubborn! Thanks for your comment!


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