Present Manifesto


I knew it was going to happen, but I just ignored the fact. There was even an old students’ meeting, which I didn’t attend… just to find by chance one morning what was happening to the school where I studied.

I had some errands in the town centre, and I stopped to have breakfast in the ice-cream bar. It’s amazing how they have changed the perspective without losing what they are, the keep selling ice-cream, but they also attract half of the town to have our toasts and coffee. Spanish people and eating breakfast out!

The air was dusty, and a lot of noise came from behind, I looked back and I saw this huge bulldozer demolishing my Primary school 7th classroom. The rest of the building had already been destroyed, and the bulldozer stood on its debris.


Back in my childhood, I would have given everything on Earth to see my school being bulldozed. Now; it made me sad to see that a hotel, new buildings and a boulevard will substitute my school.

I walked slowly towards it, and came closer. I heard the walls and pillars cracking down, and I could see the interior of well-known classrooms. I saw the little stage where I sang rap in front of all the school at the age of 11 I think, and I saw the playground.


Nobody can drive when if just looking backwards… so I must forget the good and bad past times. Watching my school being demolished is nothing really, it can be worse, and I’ve had worse losses in my life.

But this is not about what we leave behind, is about what we can find ahead. So looking back will not make things better.

However; living the present is the only way to go forward and have a future!


p style=”text-align:justify;”>And with this present manifesto I claim I will live my present, and will not cry about any past events, no matter how hard they were.

DP Challenge.


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