Multiple intelligence

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It was Gardner who stated that intelligence should me measured in different parts, meaning it was a mistake to check your linguistic skills with your mathematical ones.

Here’s a summary of those intelligences he describes.

Some people are born better suited for languages than others, but what really shocked me about Gardner’s theory was the ability of training each intelligence individually.

Dead to the IQ Test

The famous IQ Test is totally out of date, as it measures intelligence as one single thing, which is not.

I will never forget how I took my multiple intelligence test at university. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who taught us the newest theories in education, and she put ourselves as subjects of the test itself, and I did horribly bad in music.

Bass guitar headstock

So I bought a bass guitar and became a member in a heavy metal band, I learnt how to play, how to sing and how to enjoy, and I can tell you I repeated the test after two years playing the bass and my music skills increased immensely.

What are you worse at?

It is always a good idea to reinforce your strong points, to make them stronger and to improve as much as you can. We can all master those things.

But what about the areas in which we are not so good? Well, practice makes perfect, so work on those areas. Only by working out your weakest points we can become a balanced individual, a holistic person who, at least, tries his best at doing the only thing we can do here, living our lives.

Living is learning

As humans, learning is the key to our existence. We cannot allow ourselves to stop learning the same way a bird cannot allow itself to stop flying. Whatever different from learning means dying.

But learning does not imply going to school and doing homework, learning can be something different.

Learning through languages

If living is learning, we can live through languages. The good thing about Gardner’s theory is that intelligences can be combined, so we can reinforce our linguistic skills studying French, and work our mathematical knowledge by reading a book of physics in French. Easy, isn’t it?



What? You struggle? And what did you expect?

When we don’t know something, we struggle, is part of the process and we cannot change it. You may not like it, but that’s just fine really, you must struggle a bit in order to succeed.

When something is difficult, children do it as long as they enjoy it, and adults normally crack down. Well, come one, let’s put some guts on the issue and do it. As we say in Spain, let’s grab the bull by the horns! Face your fears.

Like I told you at the beginning, by playing bass guitar I improved my music skills, so find whatever you are not good at, and work it out!

Keep Thinking!


  1. I actually had tears in my eyes watching your video. Yes, this is how every child should be ‘taught.’ With what they love, what they gravitate towards, what they are good at and what they enjoy. My six year old knew in first grade that he wanted to be a “weatherman.” He graduated with a Masters Degree, Cum Laude in Atmospheric Science and works as a Forecaster for the National Weather Service. My youngest son knew at age three that he wanted to be a “Salesman.” He skipped 8th grade, graduated from Butler University in three years, and works in Sales for ATT. They always knew…always. 🙂 I could care less what their IQ’s are. I just want them healthy and happy in life. Don’t get me wrong, supporting themselves is a good thing too. 🙂 🙂

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    1. And that’s a proud mum! 🙂 Thank your for you comment Kim.

      A school is a very difficult institution supposed to give personal education to a huge number of kids, and it’s normal with today’s resources that some mass educating methods must be applied.

      However, we must also give students the possibility to stand out of the crowd, and I’m sure your children could follow their own paths for a very simple reason: parents. Unless children are encouraged by their families they can hardly go for what they want. Teachers and parents share that responsibility.

      IQ is an indicative that showed the world that the vast majority of us are between certain results, meaning we’re all pretty much the same when it comes to intelligence, and some bad results obtained in the past can be explained with a multiple intelligence test, that may show a high result in a particular skill.

      Thanks to Gardner’s theory we can help kids to choose the careers that most fit them, which is great, as not all the students know what they want to be at such an early age!


      1. You are so right. Truly, I thank God for the gift of having children know what their path in life would be at such early ages. Luckily, as parents, we never discouraged them from their dreams. Perhaps, our children’s ‘chronic conditions’ had something to do with that…always a reason…..

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