…and people crack down!

English: Landscape of Khinalug valley in Azerb...

This life is hard, it’s tough getting by, nobody said it was going to be easy at all, and we must face it being brave and not feeling down at any time… until we eventually crack down…

I call to crack down when you are not able to continue with your normal life, and complain and suffer instead, as if you are not able to go on. I have been down so many times in my life I think I know what I’m talking about.

Students cracking down

Crying in the classroom is not a normal thing to occur, but it happens from time to time. I try to be patient and sweet, at the same time that I push my students and I am strict, this job is that difficult.

Some people crack down when they’re taken a bit further from what they expected the class was going to be. When I force them to speak with a bit more emphasis than usual, and even though they recover soon after that, it is a bit weird for me really.

It can happen with the intensive courses, or exam preparation classes, situations in which we have a deadline and a target. The rest of my classes are a bit more open and there are no deadlines, exams nor rush.

Step back to go forward

Our minds have a great regeneration capacity, that means you can recover from nearly everything that happens in your life. There are basically two things, time and distance.

Bits and Pieces (Painting and Poem)

When we’re talking about minor issues, like cracking down in a class, we are not probably referring to a big issue. However; the reason why that happened could be a bigger problem we haven’t solved.

Anyway, it is normal that we have moody days or even days in which we only want to cry, or to scape, or to die… who knows what our minds have hidden inside for us.

Find a solution

This entire world is an illusion. You must not believe what you see or hear or feel, as they are mere interpretations your brain makes from the reality it perceives.

There's A Storm Comin' (32-bit)

Get away, go somewhere you enjoy, alone, think, shout, relax, run and basically feel free! A walk in the forest can do wonderful things in me, does it work with you? if you prefer something different, what is it?

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