Gwyneth Paltrow and Spanish

Gwyneth Paltrow, shameless famewhore

I came home late, put the TV on to have some background noise while cooking dinner, and I heard a beautiful voice with an accent, it was Gwyneth Paltrow in her great Spanish.

Spanish society is a very open-minded group of people who still hold some traditional values. Nevertheless, Franco didn’t die that long ago!


As any other historical empire which has imposed its language, Spanish people still have that sense of expecting the rest of the people to speak Spanish. We have the same complex as the British!

But some clever individuals prefer to study, and did Gwyneth, who actually spent a period in Spain, living with a family to improve her Spanish and she used it so well that the result is quite clear.

As you can imagine, Spanish people respect and understand when Will Smith gives an interview and he speaks English. But you can also imagine we love to hear movie stars speaking our own language.

So the TV show “El Hormiguero” was lucky enough to have her this time and they didn’t need any interpreter.

Other celebrities

Many people don’t know that Viggo Mortensen speaks perfect Spanish as well, as he spent part of his childhood in Argentina. It was shocking to hear that he would play one of Spain’s biggest heroes, El capitán Alatriste, but the result was incredible.

Cultural immersion

When I tell you how my method works, I am just imitating the conditions of real life in another culture by not translating, using definitions and all kinds of resources, and isolating from your mother tongue, and that’s what both Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen did.

See another example here, but now we’re doing the languages differently!


    1. I think software applied to language learning is the future. I am currently trying to develop an app for smartphones which can help my students. But, as there’s always a but, I think losing human contact is not good for learning languages as human interaction is the key for any linguistic learning.

      The concept of studying languages without speaking and doing mainly grammar comes from the system used for teaching latin, which as a dead tongue is not spoken anymore but used in the old forgotten lore 🙂

      In my opinion a language must be learnt through human contact, and all the materials and courses I’ve seen so far are very good as supporting material or a way to help you study. However; only speaking and thinking the language will make you succeed.

      Thank you for you support, and I hope this helped you.


      1. Sure! I don’t have much free time really, but I was offered the possibility by a new company and I think it’s worth trying. If it ends as it should you will get to know it, don’t worry


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