Written language

write or be written off

When humanity created languages, they wanted to learn how to travel in time so their messages could reach eternity, and so they carved their thoughts in stone, but how can we understand that?

 Written language is mainly artificial, and that’s why it appeared thousands of years after our spoken language.

Evolution has made it something ordinary, we’re so used to writing emails and text messages that we do not even stop to think the wonderful gift we have with written text.


Against all odds

I believe written language has been close to extinction in several parts of history. The library of Alexandria or the Nazis burning printed knowledge were clear examples of how they tried to control our texts.

But it has survived for its immense power passing wisdom from one generation to the next.

The Ancient Library of Alexandria, an early fo...

The Ancient Library of Alexandria, an early form of information storage and retrieval. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve been taught how to write at school, and learning a second language is also another way to continue writing and learning, but do we know how to express our feelings with a pen?

Modern Languages at Finger Lakes Community Col...

The great solitude of the blank sheet of paper

I have never seen such a bigger universe that the one which lies ahead of our eyes, when it is our only duty to fill it in with knowledge, experiences, feelings and life.

Any writer can perfectly understand the stressful experience I’m describing here, but some people suffer the same thing just because they’re students and they’ve been instructed to present an essay about a topic they could care less, and people struggle…


A competent student is a competent writer

The main reason why people find writing difficult is because they don’t read enough.


When you spend some remarkable time going through Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Cervantes or Garcia-Marquez, you don’t feel such a bad feeling when grabbing a pen.

It is a normal practice at schools everywhere in the world to teach their students to write, and then to ask them for some texts. Some students become mad about this idea, which is quite weird when they spend most of their time writing in electronic devices!

Write my little learner!

Instead of complaining, we must start action asap, so forget about how difficult it is, and let’s start thinking how to make it right according to our likes and make it the best way to reach your best.

Learning doesn’t mean knowing, so you can go for it no matter how little you know about a topic. Remember you can always change the perspective. If I were told to write an essay about football, which I don’t like much and I don’t know much about it either, I could make it a million different ways.

You can always include your point of view of the topic, which is not the most orthodox way of carrying out such a work, but it’s better than nothing.

You can always search for information and get to know more things about other topics! That’s always a good idea, and it expands what we know.

Be creative, inside your mind there’s much more than what you think, the only problem is we’re so used to get it done by TV, cinema, video-games, Facebook and so on that we’ve forgotten we can also create good things on our own.

Never be scared, but willing to face the challenge of writing.

And you can always change the perspective. If I were told to write about football, I could always explain why football is not important for me, or how it affects my life. There’s always a way out.


And above all, never stop reading!


  1. Seria de lo mejor poder aplicar mas la escritura, hacerla mas parte de nosotros. Darnos a conocer por escrito es muy importante, en verdad que refleja todas tus capacidades, tu forma de ser.


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