New Project: Study Tips


This is not a blog with a huge traffic, but at least I can say many of you stop by and read, comment, send me emails from time to time (sorry for the late replies, but you can count on me for free advice!) for which I am truly thankful, for your time, interest and support. THANK YOU ALL!

As some have said, the articles are a bit too long, which I agree, but it is difficult to concentrate them even though I try quite hard… but I love speaking!

But I am to offer a new perspective, the Study Tips. All Study Tips will be short, and will be under the Study Tip Category, unlike the articles which are as e-lessons.

So you can find my first Study Tip below.

When you have an idea, a new project (like this Study Tips) make sure you start it NOW!

We can make things in many different occasions, the best one is right now so you don’t forget. You don’t have to finish it, but start it so you can continue as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate and release your wonderful ideas!


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