Use time, don’t let it use you!


Dealing with time is essential for any student, and time itself it’s our greatest ally, except for one thing, time is constantly killing us!

We have a limited time, which is actually more than enough for all our needs. However; we normally feel like we’re running out of time and stress appears.


It’s a very good idea to stick to a schedule if you feel like you’re not doing it right, so you can always make a timetable with your tasks.

But always remember two things, leisure time should be part of the schedule, and don’t miss your tasks because you’re idle!

It’s better you do what you have to do first, and then you can enjoy some free time. If you have a lot of things to do, then leisure time should be enjoyed between tasks, so don’t forget to go back to work after a certain time.


When you’re at work, you’re at work. When you’re free, you’re free. You better not mix the two things up or you’ll make a terrible mess of yourself!

Not Different Just Special


It takes a strong will to separate our bodies from our comfortable couches and start working. That’s the reason why I recommend to work firstly, and rest later, so we don’t have to suffer that trauma.

But let’s not exaggerate please, it’s not that hard. The most difficult moment to start a task is actually the very beginning. After a minute of two we re-adapt and we don’t have any problem at all.

Elsa Punset suggests starting a task with the intention of doing it no longer than three minutes. If after those three minutes we feel like going on with it, which is highly probable once we’ve started, then we only have to continue.

She explains these matters so well that nobody can’t deny it. But you know me, and I’ll only tell you “move your ass!”

The hardest first, then the rest…

Imagine you have to water the flowers in your garden, you have to dig an immense hole, and you have to wash a huge pile of dishes. Which one do you like best?

I guess nearly everyone would choose watering as the best task to do, at least the easiest. Well, how do you handle them?

Some people will start watering the plants, and then they’d wash the dishes and probably feel terribly tired while doing that. Finally, they’d leave the digging for another day and therefore miss a task.

But if you do the hardest firstly, when you finish, you’ll still have some more energy to wash some dishes, which is also tiring and will leave you exhausted, but even being exhausted we can water some plants, can’t we?

Keep Thinking!

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