Dreaming my dreams


dreams and wishes. 62/365

Do you remember your dreams? Are they nice dreams or horrible nightmares? Do you speak during your dreams? Do people talk to you?

When we dream, our Dormant Giant is just training, as we learnt from our previous post. Our subconscious part of our brains is a bit tricky, but it can always make us have great fun!

English: Sweet dreams dreaming of snowhite and...


While we’re dreaming, there’s a lot of language implied. Some situations are only understood as pure ideas, things such as where you are or understanding a certain concept only you can understand.

However; our subconscious mind also includes linguistic thoughts and even conversations with the characters who appear in our dreams. I know we cannot control any of this, but there’s a clue we can get in order to know if we’re doing things correctly.

Second language dreaming

It is well-known that anyone who speaks more than one language perfectly can either dream in any of those languages. It is sometimes funny as I can tell that swapping from one to another doesn’t even make a difference at all.

When it comes to intermediate level people, this can vary hugely. However; it is not weird even for beginners to dream in a second language.

If it ever happens to you, it’s a blessing, as only when we think in another language we make it grow inside ourselves, and when it’s growing inside ourselves, our brain takes the time to practice it during dreams.

So, dreaming in a second language means you’re doing your work correctly.

And to end up this post, I want to share some music with you, I hope you like it!

So, you can tell us about your dreams, and remember, keep dreaming!


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