The most powerful muscle

Rock star baby, Rock star.

My arms and legs are strong, my will is unbreakable, but nothing compared to a human brain and its never-ending capacity of inventing.

You cannot cycle to the Moon, but we managed to get there using our brains and inventing a system that worked.

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....

Any creation that you see was once an idea, so imagine how many things are yet to come according to human creativity. Let’s use our imagination for learning a language or whatever we want to learn.


Dreams represent a proper training for real life, our Dormant Giant is actually training for real situations that may occur.

If we daydream, then we’re actually doing the same thing but under our conscious control. So let’s put it this way, you can be lying on the beach sunbathing, having a relaxing bath, sleeping siesta, or just strolling through the park… but our brain never disconnects!

So here are two examples of how to daydream effectively in order to study while doing nothing, you can invent yours or use these two, it’s up to you!

World War II

If you love history, and you want to learn how to speak French, and you’ve been studying French for a while, so how can you have fun, relax and study?

Imagine you’re a soldier, and you are running through the forest while bombs are falling from the sky. You suddenly hear a cry and find a beautiful woman struggling to go on.
You approach and hold her hand and help her to advance. Once you’re out of danger, you can see she’s French and can only speak French, and you start a beautiful romance in French…
BrickArms 2010 WWII

As our brains do not really differ reality from fiction, the Dormant Giant will actually believe it is a true story, and it will actually train itself to the real situation (if ever to happen) and you will enjoy a beautiful romance.

Rock Band

Put some loud music, and imagine it’s you playing it! Fans, record companies, journalists, autographs… and an interview.

Well, I’m so proud I’ve released this new album and we’re preparing for the tour…
We promise rock legends do not behave as bad as people may thing, we’re more organised but we have some parties from time to time…
Tishma the teenage rockstar

So you can practice any language by giving an invented interview about music.

Thinking Languages!

The final stage of this language acquisition system is to think, to invent and to create a parallel reality in which we can express ourselves. It is not difficult to do this as we do it everyday.

The good thing is that we can actually achieve anything we really want to achieve in our dreams. There are no limits and this will unlock the entrance of dreaming in other languages, which we’ll discuss on the next post.

And what do you invent when you’re  left alone?

Keep Thinking!



    1. Thank you!

      Do you by any chance remember the book title? It might be interesting to read.

      We are not normally aware of the number of things we can fix just by thinking.


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