Mind Control

English: Detail view on the Great Buddha, Chan...

Are you the master of your emotions and feelings or do they control you? We normally think we control our minds while it is really the opposite.

Buddhism clearly states that we must control our emotions, otherwise we would be driven by our emotions and taken who knows where.

Modern psychology believes exactly the same. Individuals who are controlled by their emotions do not normally have a balanced life, as they suffer ups and downs regularly and are usually moody people.

Emotionally strong

I have always been the pessimistic kind of guy who would pine at a bars counter drinking a beer, as if the world was going round and round and I had nothing to do with it.


Box Emotions

I fortunately learnt to get control of my life and feelings by reading books, living life and getting in touch with people who are better than me, most of them students of mine.

The key to have our emotions under control is to enjoy life as it is and not as we would like it to be. Good and bad things happen, and they mean nothing really, as we interpret them.

Things are what they are, and we classify them as good or bad things.

Emotions in the classroom

When we’re in a class, we are probably experiencing a lot of feelings inside our minds, as if our minds are playing tricks on us. I clearly remember my school years and Jurassic Park was released that period. I imagined a dinosaur eating my Math’s teacher head during his lesson.

It is difficult to control your mind firstly, but we can learn by practice. Never blame yourself when you do wrongly, but reinforce your behaviour with a little prize when you do well. An ice-cream would do 🙂

Manga emotions


This universe is dual, and if there’s light is because there’s darkness; there’s evil because there’s good and we also have leisure and duty time.

Enjoy your leisure time to the most, knowing that anything could happen and make sure you have done all your obligations before you have fun!

Duty time is not what we like, and it is normally quite difficult to start.

Step 1 – Don’t think, act

If you start thinking how hard your life is… how difficult the task is… how… well you’re just saying how lazy you really are… MOVE YOUR ASS!

Step 2 – Eat when eating, sleep when sleeping

You cannot sleep while eating, and eating while you’re fast asleep is not a very healthy practice. You should concentrate on the task you’re doing right now, and nothing else exists!

If you allow yourself to think of something different, you’re getting distracted. So ask yourself this question during a class, is this related to the lesson? if it’s not, you’re distracted. There’s no problem for this, but come back to the class immediately!

Step 3 – Forget duties in parties

Many people cannot concentrate during their duties, and they can neither enjoy leisure time as they then remember their duties!

I find this really sad. We need to learn how to separate opposite actions, as the universe is dual, so you must enjoy when you must enjoy, and work when you must work which takes  us to the step two again.

But the important part of the third step is that you must have fun after a hard work’s day, you deserve it! And if you are aware the bigger the effort, the bigger the prize then everything’s ready to succeed.

Keep Feeling!


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