Let your brain do the work, and you take the fun!

Resting in the Sunshine

Humanity has always dreamed of a machine teaching us entire subjects while we’re sleeping, or at least without effort… and it might be impossible to learn mathematics like that, but not a language!


I hope a learning machine is never invented, or at least not before I pass away as I don’t want to get unemployed! However, learning is an automatic process when it comes to languages, as that’s how we all learn a language in our early childhood.

Brain parts

Our brains are divided into different parts. It was Sigmund Freud who first suggested concepts such as the subconscious mind that only shows in dreams and lapsus lingue, which is when you call your wife by a different name, she gets angry and you definitely don’t have a clue why you did that.

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...

English: Sigmund Freud's signature.

We have already discussed about the Dormant Giant, which is how I call the subconscious mind, and if you don’t have that concept very clear, I think you should re-read it again.

We get worried

Do you know where you live? I mean, your life, your consciousness, your soul if you like… do you know where it resides? We’re not very sure of that, but we know that what you’re thinking right now, what you’re understanding from my written words, is where you reside…

You are currently focusing on this, and maybe you’re also getting distracted by something or someone else; and that’s where we all are right now.

However; the gray mass inside our skulls is making our hearts beat, making us breathe and fulfilling some cleaning internal processes like forgetting the useless words from the language class (as you don’t study then, they’re seen as useless by your brain!) etc.

When you get worried, tired, when you give excuses… that’s happening inside your soul part, your conscious mind, not in the Dormant Giant bit! But we obviously pass that negative feeling to it if we let it stay longer.

Children never get worried.

Let it work for you


Thinking Languages pretends to teach your how to work effectively with the minimum effort, letting the Dormant Giant pulls while you peacefully rest on its back.

We hate doing this, because it seems we’re not in control of our lives, but you should know controlling your life is just a mere illusion!

However; if you spend your conscious time listening and reading, thinking and writing in the language you want to learn, it would only be a matter of time to end up speaking that language!

Babies don’t worry about exams or results, they just do whatever their Dormant Giants do in order to learn while they play, let’s be a bit babies!

Please, share your thoughts, are you a grown-up baby?

Keep Thinking!



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