The Kindness of Strangers (Heroes)


I have never understood the real meaning of kindness…



I was told to be kind, and I saw those who told me not being kind at all.


A selfish society through the crystal clear eyes of a child could not show much good at all. So I learnt how to be like them, how to be one of them.

What I was taught at school was all about compassion and kindness, reality was harsh and difficult… and I cried and pined… until I became evil.

Children are not normally bad creatures, but they can turned into despicable beings if the wrong imput is there.

So I came into the bad habit of being the bad boy…

The crazy young lads

We’re money-driven, and money-motivated, and being young and crazy is a never-ending sequence of events in which you believe nothing and no one can stop you.

Money is out there, just grab it and run. You can get anything you want to amuse yourself. Flee from Police, flee from society, flee from yourself.

Fun and nothing more than fun! Who cares about anything else apart from our own satisfaction.

Low moments

And we learnt that everything that goes up, comes down… and some died, others suffered, we all ended up rotten by our inner thoughts and lack of kindness, which I still haven’t met.

I cried and whined, and I couldn’t find any comfort at all, and I hated the world, and I thought the world hated me.


It’s not easy finding balance in life, not easy at all. However; we can find that balance in very simple actions. I still don’t know about kindness, but I remember one day in which everything changed for me.

I had just had an argument with someone, and I felt so angry I couldn’t speak to anybody. I ran to the park and sat on a bench to see the world go round.

Squirrels were playing on the grass, and I looked at them, and I found them funny and cute, and they distracted my mind from my bad feelings.

Suddenly, a stone was thrown and it nearly hit the poor animal! It was a kid trying to hit it. His mum walked slowly, grabbed the stone and threatened to throw it back to her own son!

The innocent child was scared, and when we both found out she didn’t have the real intention of throwing the stone to the kid, she just gave him and my these kind words:

“Treat every single creature of this world the same way you would like to be treated”

So I still don’t know what kindness mean, but I’ve learnt you can find it giving what you like to others, and so be it.


DP Challenge.




  1. Nice way of exploring wisdom in life through the existence of the squirrel in the park. Yes. Sometimes, we need an outside stimulus to wake up our inner ‘light’. Treat others the same you want to be treated. Good point!


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