Travelling mode

airport sadness: the essence of all things

When we’re travelling we seem like mesmerized, did you know you can use that state of mind to study a language?

There aren’t many actions that involve more robotic behaviour than travelling; picking up your luggage, stand in a queue, deliver ticket, say hello, look at the ceiling of the lift while sharing it with others, get on the bus, push a button, fasten your seatbelt, give ticket, smile, take a picture, stand in another queue…

Automatic behaviour

Human brain is capable of doing some actions automatically. We have a driving mode, a travelling mode, a TV zapping mode which involves very little brain activity when it’s done.

It wasn’t like that at first, and the only thing that made it like that was repetition. So repeating an action makes us master the action. Is like the well-known example of the bus driver who can easily drive a bus and give change to passengers. Don’t try that at home!

Automatic learning

We can use this brain feature to learn a second language. It is actually much easier to use it for language acquisition than for any other subject. That’s why I think a language is among the easiest subjects we can ever study.

If you disconnect your conscious mind from reality while making a repetitive activity in a second language environment, you got it!

As the task may seem difficult for the one who doesn’t speak the foreign language, here’s my advise; try a controlled environment. I have said this many times, you can always try watching your favourite TV show, reading about your favourite topic or living an experience in which you are just a member of the audience, like a theater play.

No stress

Because of our animal configuration, we tend to feel stressed when we’re under pressure, and not understanding a language is an infinite source of stress for an adult human.

But you need to know that nobody is going to harm you while in a foreign language environment. It is easy if you sit far away from lions, bears and other wild animals that may kill you; or you just get away from a war zone or get out of sight of storms, earthquakes or tornadoes 🙂

Travelling to languages

When you consciously become the one who you are when travelling, when commuting from one airport platform to another… then you’re disconnected from reality and therefore, you are able to achieve your maximum power as the Dormant Giant will be on duty.

Taking the best choice is mandatory, and only you know what makes you feel so disconnected from reality. In my case there are few activities that make me not think of the real world and relax, I’ll tell them to you as an example, they might help, but remember you need to try yours!

I feel free when I’m listening to music, riding a motorcycle through a forest, diving in the Mediterranean, reading a book, watching a TV documentary about Australia,  looking at the sky or listening to someone worth listening to.

Keep Thinking!


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