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Understanding Everything Interconnected

Understanding Everything Interconnected (Photo credit: Viewminder)

The number of people who attend classes and never learn is amazingly big, do you want to know why?

Some have the misperception that attending a class can make them learn. That can be a reality for some, but not for the majority of us, just normal beings. So unless you’re super smart, I recommend you keep on reading.

The purpose of the class

A class is intended to make students understand, not learn, not remember… just understand. Did you get it?

We go to classes to get the lesson explained, and once we’ve understood it, with the blackboard still full of content, the books open and the notebook full of notes, we might get the feeling we already know it.

It could be, but is it? You need to check, so the best way is to study a bit at home to check if you really remember all this. Don’t postpone it too much as you may forget the lesson so you end up not understanding it.

The good student Vs the bad student


If you want to be a good student, you have to learn. We may have different ideas or opinions which are a bit dangerous for our learning process, ideas such as “results matter” or “if I get better marks, I’m better than you”.

As a teacher I don’t like exams, I prefer to ask my students something I taught them a couple of months ago. The majority don’t remember, but you can get surprised to find out how the best students have also forgotten.

As a lucky strike you can get some memories of the lesson and eventually one student tells you a correct answer. That is what matters. If you’re learning a language or studying any other thing you must be very good at this.

The previous class

I hate asking students something we saw on the previous class, basically because they never remember.

English: William-Adolphe Bouguereau's La leçon...

That’s a big problem for me, as I may not have enough time for a full explanation of a topic, so I divide it in different sessions. So after session one, it is supposed to get session two… but what can you do if no-one remembers?

When learning a second language, this is one of the worst things, really, as I can’t go on. It’s even more fun when students blame me directly for their laziness, which I don’t  care much really.

Unless you can rely on the previous knowledge, you cannot go on.

The purspose of the class

A class, an entire school year, is something designed to help students learn. In a class the content is presented and it is the student who must study it and work on the content.

Once it is supposedly learnt, students must use the content in a real situation, which is basic for a language, as they won’t be any learning without practising the language!

What kind of student are or were you?



    1. Thank you Shian!

      That’s the idea basically, you first need to understand, then to study and then to use it. Otherwise our brain erases the content as it is a very efficient organ and it only remembers that thing in which we focus.

      The majority of students struggle when it comes to exams, because they procrastinate and find out it’s too much work to do just a couple of days before the deadline. But what about a little every day and relax the day before you have a test?


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