Lifelong learning

Studying was a temporary obligation, something to get a diploma really.

However; we’ve been told we must learn throughout all our lives… isn’t that a contradiction?

In my opinion, if the world is moving we cannot stay fixed to once certain spot, we need to move accordingly.

If society is in constant change and we are very aware of the speed of technology development which seems to be something that has changed humanity forever, we must evolve accordingly.

Don’t get off society

I am never too concern about fashion, trends or some of the things we tend to see as social. But I am extremely concern about not getting off the society train and get put off it by my own ignorance.

Life consists of adapting to every new environment we find, and unless we never stop studying in life we will never be alive. I had to learn how to create and deal a blog to start this project, I had to learn to chew food to survive, I had to learn English to follow my dreams and I have to learn how to learn in order to survive.

The never ending story

As if I were flying on a white dragon learning should be a lifelong project for everyone. The fact that I teach languages doesn’t make them more important than other subjects, what’s really important is not to stop doing it.

I cannot imagine birds not flying, fish not swimming or us humans beings, not being… humans. Do not study and become a rock, a pebble on the sea bed, but not a human anymore.

Plastic substance

The misperception of studying as a childish task means that adults cannot or do not want to learn at all. For the ones who think adults cannot learn I must tell them they’re totally wrong as our plastic brains allow us learning at any age.

For those who think that adults do not want to learn at all, it might imply that they know everything and there’s nothing else they need, but in essence it’s fear that’s moving them into not doing as they are adults and cannot show any sign of defeat…

As usual, only babies learn languages, and only those who behave like babies have something to learn being humble and having an open mind. I fight to be like that everyday as I think it’s the only way.

Keep Thinking!


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