Everyday is easier than some days

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When we want to workout in the gym, study a language or learn how to play a musical instrument, procrastination and laziness are our worse enemies, but did you know everyday basis is quite simple?

Humans are custom animals, we all are. Once we start a routine nothing can stop us from doing it. If you’ve ever tried to give up smoking, if you’re a workaholic or a sports maniac, you know what I’m talking about.

Three days a week method

We love being realistic, and that’s why we don’t fully feel we can make it and we claim we’ll start studying or working out or whatever for a couple or three days a week.

Doing something like that is very good as you can gradually work on the skills or goal you want to reach. On the other hand, it’s hard to build up a routine like that and we end up giving up or at least postponing in the end.


It only takes 21 days to build up a habit. But they must be 21 days in a row, not 21 days in seven weeks doing three a week!

When you are making three a week, you are leaving too much space for giving up. If you do everyday, you’ll soon get it. Imagine you’re learning how to play the harp, wouldn’t it be better at least five-minute a day than only three days a week? Of course it is!

Jesus Rodriguez playing the Venezuelan harp: N...

If whatever you’re doing, like learning a language, is your goal, you should like it or learn how to enjoy it, in that case you won’t care about doing it as it’d be fun.


You now know learning a language is a very similar task to learning how to play a musical instrument. In both cases we are learning a different language and we needn’t procrastinate at all, we must enjoy it to the most and always keep your target in mind.

However; you must be very patient, which is not really a problem as long as you’re having fun! When we’re having fun we don’t really care about anything else.

Keep Thinking!


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