The water drop fable

Spout as the result of a water drop and surfac...

There’s nothing more powerful than human spirit, and nothing can stop you from getting your goals if you really want to get them. Even a drop of water is powerful enough break the stone.

It was Autumn, teaching a wonderful bunch of kids, all of them pre-teenagers and quite well-behaved for their age I’d say. Suddenly, I just felt like something was going wrong.

Turn bad

A good student can turn bad even faster than you notice, and by the time you realize it might be a bit too late. This wonderful class was somehow becoming worse.

It was a pity, as they are above average and I love teaching them and we all had a great time together. But there’s something we cannot stand, especially when you are a pre-teenager.


Being one of the capital sins, we all guess it should be a quite nasty thing. We are all great procrastinators and I won’t blame my own students for being lazy, as I were lazy at their age, and I still am these days.

What we needed is a solution, something so this class doesn’t get totally spoilt, and that’s when I turned up with the water drop fable.

Constant little effort

Small actions are very powerful, and should never be ignored. No matter how little power we have, a repeated action that lasts for years can break the stone.

And so I told my students, who were the kind of studying a lot the day before an exam, which is a bit nonsense as it is a very good way to stress yourself at school.

The little work day after day is what works the best in any situations.

English: backjet of a drop of water after impa...

Can a drop of water damage the rock?

They all answered negatively and they seemed quite sure of themselves.


Then I opened a Google Earth map, and projected it on the wall, and I showed them the Grand Canyon. An impressive scar on the surface of the desert which has been done by water.

These tricks easily impress children, so it’s not a big deal that they couldn’t close their mouths while watching the images on the wall. But there’s no fable if you don’t learn, so…

Little actions that will take you to victory

I sometimes teach intensive courses, but I mainly teach people who are not impatient. The difference is huge, ones need everything fast, the others might turn lazy somehow.

A drop of water hitting a metal surface/ crown...

Never forget your goal, and do something on daily basis, it’s the only way you can achieve. There’s no time to forget things, keep your goal always in mind and you’ll get to it one day.

Water dropping from a tap.


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