Whatever it takes

English: weight lifting

Learning a language or learning how to play piano are long winding roads full of tedious tasks. As many other things in life, we tend to feel those who achieve are heroes… well they are, but heroes are not different from you, a hero is someone who’d do whatever it takes to reach a goal!

Working in my little school has given me plenty of good things, and it has radically changed the way I see life. I’ve had the opportunity to meet plenty of people full of dreams and high hopes.

How much you put counts

When someone desperately mad about learning a language, I know that person will make it. But most of us are basically dreamers who wish a result but would like the effort to disappear.

So my publicity will sometimes confuse people. I assure anyone to become fluent in Spanish (in a basic level) in 21 days. Some people come into the class where I am sitting right now writing this post and ask me if it’s possible, as many suspect I am just one of those miraculous teachers who scam people.

I always give them the same answer, it depends on you. Are you going to do everything I tell you to do exactly how I tell you to do them? Then you will speak some basic Spanish fluently in 21 days and you’ll be able to communicate.

If you’re not doing it, don’t put the blame on me…

The just for fun student

Other students come around with a lower expectation, they want to learn, but they basically need something to get themselves busy. That’s why I get so many retired students, they’re great, they learn slowly and have fun.

These students normally get good results, as they normally come in a relaxed mood that makes them feel comfortable enough to enjoy classes in long-term basis.

The stressed student

The problem comes when someone tells me he or she really need to learn fast, now, that is extremely important… and you feel how scared he or she is at first, just to find out in a couple of weeks someone hasn’t studied outside classes, which is something unthinkable for learning a language!


In that case, the situation is not very good for any of us really. The student will get stressed, I will get stressed and we’d all be suffering an unnecessary feeling in a really normal situation.

We must take things slowly, but never stop moving our asses!

The whatever it takes student

Other students who want to learn are more realistic, they know it’ll take an effort, and they know they will learn if they never give up, and they never give excuses.

These students are fast or slow learners, young or old, beautiful or ugly… as anyone could be  a whatever it takes student. The difference is they are willing to give whatever it takes for their dreams.

They would never question my methods and they’d never feel disappointed when they’re wrong. They would just assume they need longer time practising.

Above all, what I like the best about these students is how they recognise when they haven’t done their work, because nobody is perfect and we all procrastinate sometimes.

But on the long run, a whatever it takes student knows where to go and never loses sight of the target.

What type of learner are you?


    1. Very good! Stressed students don’t get results, and as we all get stressed sometimes we need to learn how to overcome that feeling. If you put your energy you find out that whatever it takes is not actually that much.


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