Strong bonds


What would you do for your pet dog?

Watch this beautiful video about Igor the Bulldog and find out what made her have such a feeling.

Humans are loving animals, and have the capacity of loving even other species probably more than any other animal, as well as we can also be cruel as any other creature. We’re complex beings who need to focus on doing things correctly, and love can take us there.

Go with the flow

If love is such a strong feeling, why can’t we take it to what we want to learn? Of course we can, and that’s part of the Thinking Languages methodology.

Having the inspiration of Igor’s story is great, as we can see how humans can give whatever needed to achieve their aims.

Change the language of whatever you love, like start speaking to your pet in the language you want to learn. Your pet will understand you perfectly as they are actually emotion-driven, and you’ll be practising!

Watch more videos about other dog stories in the language you want to learn if pets are your passion and just go with the flow your own brain dictates.

Keep Thinking!

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