Never give up! Constant work

A girl learning English in Shanghai.

It’s not the first time I insist on the importance of constant work, I’m afraid it won’t be the last. I have seen too many people dedicating a lot of their precious time to a task like learning a language, just to give up!

What happens when you interrupt your language learning is that you forget everything you’ve done. Well, if not everything, the vast majority.

The good thing is that if you ever return to study that language again, you’ll learn it faster as you will only be refreshing your mind. The bad thing is you’ve wasted your time.

Who won’t forget

The common European reference framework for languages have divided skills in a second language in six different levels.

A1 – A2 level. Beginner. Someone who can introduce him or herself, and talk about a limited variety of topics which normally represent clear ideas about the world.

B1 – B2 level. Intermediate. A person who can express in a wider variety of situations, and who can express their personal point of view about certain topics. At this medium level students can speak fluently, or they should.

C1 – C2 level. Advanced. Can understand complex and abstract language. The level here is very closed to a native speaker.

Experts agree that a student with a C1 level could stop studying and practising the language and his language skills will remain similar throughout the time.

Who is C1?

A C1 speaker in English would be able to read a novel, watch a film or even write this article. Apart from some mistakes you could perceive and probably a foreign accent, you would say that person speaks fluent English and you won’t have any problem at all communicating with him.

It takes a while, or intense hard work, or both to reach that stage. So please, don’t mess it up by quitting at the wrong time.

Even a B1 student can communicate quite well, even though sentences would be more straight forward. However; the brain is not ready to get separated from the language.

Never give up!

It is the simplest of the rules for learning a language, and yet one of the most difficult to achieve. We can have a holiday period, we can slow down for a reason, but we should never quit.

So if you’re willing to learn how to speak a foreign language, you should really think of it. It will take time and effort. I can tell you it pays off in the end, but it’s a long winding road.

Keep Thinking!

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