5 Things to know when you travel for learning

Not Your Average Travel Guide

A language can represent a huge range of different grammar rules and knowledge, so huge we need to spend years studying it at university, but the majority of speakers don’t know that much and they speak anyway… there are some things you do not need!

When you’re learning a language, you don’t need the level of its most famous writer. You don’t need to understand scientific vocabulary or discuss about politics.

Useful things to know

I wish my students were interested in Dickens or Cervantes, but they’re not really. They don’t really have to be in order to communicate effectively using a second language, but it would be okay.

What someone needs first is to communicate the simple and useful stuff we all use on daily basis. If you are willing to travel to learn, which I strongly recommend to you, go for these things first.

Number one

You need to greet, you need to say bye properly so you don’t end up being rude. Simple things like please or thank you open more doors than one might think. So learn the basics for being well mannered.

Number two

Requests. How to ask for a hotel room, directions, a drink and… food! You need to be able to ask for food or you’ll starve to death!

Number three

You won’t be an efficient learner or traveller unless you can ask for prices. How much is it? is a question we all need to know.

Number four

The weather. Yeah, no kidding, the weather. When you’re travelling for learning you need to talk to people, and there’s no better ice-breaker than talking about the weather. Raining again, yeah? and you start speaking!

Number five

Introduce yourself. Once we’ve said hello, fulfilled our primary necessities and started a small chat about the weather, you must introduce yourself properly. Your name, nationality, job, hobbies and all that.

That’s easy to learn, but you must learn a wider range of possibilities so you understand what they tell you.

Remember you have two ears and only one mouth because listening is more interesting than speaking!

Keep travelling!

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