Have a better perspective


After a very interesting comment on this post about how boring studying it, I tried to give a short and effective answer about it, but I think the comment deserves a proper answer to Shian, I hope this helps!

From a formal point of view, studying is great as we all enjoy learning, from a realistic point of view, studying is boring, if you don’t believe me just have a quick chat with a few teenagers, just in case you occasionally find one of the few ones who love studying hard.


Once again, as it is not the first time I say this, attitude is crucial for a student. I know it’s not like going to the park or hanging around with your friends, but studying does not need to be a struggle.


If you face a task with a smile, the task will be the same but you’ll make it straight away.


Organise your time so you can get the most out of it. A day is long enough for all those things you have to do, for those you say you don’t have enough time to do, and for a couple of things more.

If you waste your time with the so-called leisure you are messing up too much. Because you’d be in the leisure time with a dangerous thought in your mind, you haven’t studied yet. So it all ends up you haven’t studied and you haven’t had the real fun either!

From Chaos to Order

Study time is for studying, leisure time is for real fun, don’t mix them up!

A place

Where you study matters a lot. It is not the same a quiet room or a busy kitchen with all family members getting in and out. Find your proper spot, and it has to be a quiet place, but above all a place where you feel extremely good.

You can try to change it, or as I did, have different places for different subjects. I always studied maths at home at my desk with a lot of papers full of numbers on the bed. However; I went to the beach to study history just carrying my textbook and I got in the mood listening to the waves.


A fire-place at home, a nice terrace, a park, a comfortable couch, anywhere that makes you feel all right.

Find the neck of the woods where you are king or queen, a place which can only be for me!


Some objects, some little actions have the power of changing ourselves radically. You can wear your studying slippers, or your baggy pants, or your warrior make-up!

Be dressed to kill, use the kind of light you prefer, hang a picture on the wall, something that makes you and the moment feel special.

I won’t explain why I do this, because nobody can get the way I feel.

More than words

Just in case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know the song…

Words are powerful, tremendously powerful, so don’t use them to blame yourself or the things you do. You cannot start a studying session with a pfffyou have to start it with a smile! πŸ™‚

If sadness is contagious, so is happiness!

Gizmo the Pug Studies for Law School


When you’re done good, you need a prize, an ice-cream might do, or a rock song louder than h*ll while you scream and dance! Something you really enjoy, you deserve it! You’ve done well so you need a prize!

Don’t do things for nothing, there should always be a light at the end of the tunnel, and not just the big prize, but little funny things that make our lives delicious.

Ice Cream Fondue

Enjoy what you’re doing just for the sake of it, and get something good every single step you take.


We sometimes commit to a task, we decide to make it the best we can, we decide we want it, we start doing it, we get to the top, we do it all, we do it better than we’ve ever done, and tomorrow we totally forget.

It’s not a matter of doing it a lot today and that’s it, it’s a little bit each and every day…

Water dropping from a tap.

Patiently, the water drop made a huge hole on the hardest rock!

Keep Thinking!

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