Studying is hard

Studying Star Wars

For those of you who are studying, or for those of you who you can’t even think of doing it again… studying is very hard, boring and tedious just for one reason: YOU.

I have been a horrible student for years. Someone who managed to pass exams most of the times because I didn’t really want to fail and so I did study a little bit, enough to survive.

But there were other times in which I really liked the subject and teachers were really impressed with me! What was the difference?

I’m a rebel

Whether I am a rebel or not is something other people should tell about me. But we all like to tell we are such a badass don’t we? I’m sure you’re a bit like me, right?

Okay then, that is an issue we now share, we don’t like to be told. I get that. No problem, don’t let anyone tell you what you must do.

But be honest with yourself and if, just in case, someone around you might be right… why don’t you tell yourself to move your ass?

A real rebel

A real rebel is not someone who rides a Triumph motorcycle wearing a leather jacket ( yeah, so proud of myself ;)) but someone who does whatever it takes chasing his or her dreams.

If something that silly is going to stop you, you are not a rebel, you are a weeping child.

We’re learning monkeys

Humans, as a species, share several features. And we don’t have very best brain in all the history of the entire universe for nothing!

We have it for learning, and we learn through trial and error, and we love learning because we are happy when we are doing what we’ve designed for.

Humans also learn after bad experiences, which we never forget and we might not enjoy that much. But don’t you feel proud when you avoid the issue after that? We also learn from bad experiences and we feel proud of it, you can’t deny it!

Why not studying?

I don’ think many people can argue with my previous ideas, but if you do, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post, I’m willing to know your point.

But I thing most of us would agree in the fact that we like learning, so why not studying? Society has become so complex in cultural terms that we can only get to know the real meaning of it by using books and classes.

Trial and error is insufficient for learning Quantum Physics. So let’s put it this way, our own evolution has made us do things differently, and studying from a book can be as fun as being a student of the university of life, that we all enjoy on the streets.

Find your own way, but don’t be wrong in the believe that you don’t need books anymore, we have plenty of assholes in this world.

Keep Thinking!

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    1. I know, you can always try to make it fun, but it’s not an easy task. But remember words are powerful, and the more you repeat studying is boring, the more boring it’ll get. You can try not to torture yourself and give yourself a prize once you’ve done it, say an ice-cream or any simple thing you can enjoy. Good luck 😉


  1. En lo personal difiero en que el estudio sea duro, No! el estudio no es duro, lo duro es ser aplicados, ser constantes, luchar cada día por un mismo objetivo. Es duro persistir, luchar. Eso es lo que uno necesita para que el estudio sea fácil.


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