Summer is a good time for languages!

Koh Tao - Thailand, 1997


Yeah, I know it’s still Spring, which is lovely actually, and those of us on the northern hemisphere are probably having quite a good weather, at least in Sunny Spain :), but we will soon be in Summer!!!!

Are you learning any languages this Summer?

Summer is the time of the year in which our lives stop. It seems we are supposed to do everything during the rest of the year and then just be lazy during the Summer months.

I think we’ve been programmed like this because of the Summer holidays at school. Once at work, you might not get a free Summer all the time. No matter what, we all prefer to spend a funny Summer and studying can sometimes feel like work… but you’re wrong!

Enjoy Summer!

Life is to be enjoyed, and so is Summer. You can always use your Summer vacations to travel. If so, you have to do whatever it takes to get to a destination where your target language is spoken in a native way.

Forget your books, your phrase-book and your dictionary and communicate using your charming personality and spread your world. You will have a much better time than you expected and you will learn much faster than expected too!

If at work

If you can’t go on holiday during the Summer time, the weather will probably be a bit better too in your neck of the woods, so you’ll feel a bit more positive.

Use that state to watch videos of the things you would like to be doing or the places you would like to visit. Time will come when you are there, and so far you can dream watching videos of those beautiful places and, as long as they’re in your target language, you’ll be learning it without putting the focus on the boring grammar.

Where I would like to be right now

The previous paragraph just reminded me where I’d like to be right now, do you want to know?

I have already been there, and I have to come back!!!!!!!

All right, YouTube is full of videos of your dream destinations in any language you are learning… what are you waiting for?

Keep Thinking!




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