The lost art of the encyclopaedia

English: Encyclopaedia Hebraica - Sifriyat Poa...

Quite a while without writing any DP Challenge, but this topic has really touched my heart, as we’re losing humanity’s knowledge as it was known.

Encyclopaedias were expensive, so much that many people made their living selling them cold door. They attempted theĀ  most difficult task since the library of Alexandria, including all the human knowledge in an accessible way.

School kids

Teachers promoted searching data in them, and they told us to make our projects about Oceania, the Roman Emperors or 19th Century History, and we all headed to the local library.

And there they were, with their books in a row in alphabetical order, waiting to be opened and searched, willing to help you. So we first had to read the article, just to find out it was way too long to copy it down. So we summarized it the best way we could.

The pictures were amazing, so you had to ask for permission to make a copy of the photograph you wanted in your project. Children running around with books, what a beautiful image!



I’m addicted to books smell, as I find it so particularly overwhelming I can’t resist opening books.

When a particular subject gets me, I start producing saliva in my mouth as if I were to eat, as you can really taste knowledge.

Books feel so good when you touch them, the mere touch of inked paper brings me to another time, to another universe.


And my students can make their own projects in three simple steps. Wikipedia – Copy/Paste – Print.

I will always defend Internet as the best invention of humanity, and the only one in which the dream of containing the entire human knowledge, easily accessible and updated, but the problem is there’s not much room left for romanticism.

English: Book of Knowledge

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