When I was a student…

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I’m very happy of the education I received, at least in many aspects. However; I must say there are other things I would have changed now that I’ve become a teacher. But above all, I was a very good student with the heart of a criminal.

I was a sweet boy, and a terrible teenager. It seems life changed me a lot during those years, as it would have changed anyone else. But I still think there were a few things I did very well.

Beaten up

I wasn’t really bullied at school, back in those days and in my school specifically, we were all beaten up from time to time. It wasn’t a very good neighbourhood I think, and some troubled kids made violence the norm of the school. We all learnt the playground was a bit of a war zone sometimes!


I loved being one of the best students in the class, if not the best one. It all depended on the subjects, but I must say I had a teacher who could really take out the enjoyment of learning from inside ourselves.

He was a very traditional teacher, with very traditional methods and someone who didn’t belong to that time really. He was a real teacher from Franco years in Spain, meaning he smoked in class and used a ruler to hit out hands if we didn’t know the lesson.

Not in vain it wasn’t long after Franco’s death that I was at school, and Spain hadn’t changed that much yet. But don’t get me wrong, despite his upbringing and old fashion methodology, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.

I learnt learning can be fun, real fun.


I’ve spent most of my youth doing all the things I was not supposed to be doing, I leave it to your imagination really, but never been a good guy really.

That is what I tell my students these days. Even though I was a bit of a rascal, I managed to finish my studies pretty good, and I even dealt quite well with Mathematics or Physics, subjects that I didn’t like much back then.


If there’s something I’ve done pretty well was making the difference between being a student, and being a bad boy. Not that I was always a student when I was at school, but I knew when I had to get things done.

You can be anyone who like to be and do whatever you like to do, just think of it and know where you’re heading to. You always need to have a clear mind.

I have done many regrettable things in my life. Too many mistakes really, but I have always known how to mend them, basically because I have always followed this advice:


I must admit I sometimes don’t care much about something, then is when I surrender. But everyone who knows me well knows I never give up at anything I enjoy. And that’s what I always tell you, never quit guys.

Keep Thinking!


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