Language Evolution – Spanglish

English: Luiseño and Juaneño language areas in...

English: Luiseño and Juaneño language areas in south California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In California, most people speak Spanish nowadays, and it seems it has become the second language in USA. Languages are always evolving and finding their own way. Will we ever get real Spanglish?

If Spanglish is ever to exist, I’d lose my job. But the possibility exists. I have a very clear example very close home, and that’s the british colony of Gribraltar.


People in Gibraltar can easily understand both English and Spanish, and speak them too. However; they prefer to mix them up strangely in a very funny way. I love going there and listen to them.

Languages are constantly changing because people change them. Every generation brings new changes to the language and they are here to stay.

Social contact between people who speak different languages tend to find a point in between, so Spanish and English are mixing in some parts of the world.

Not the only ones

There are many other examples in the world, and the number can be huge if we take history on account. It seems these examples are very common in border areas.

How to use it

This proves how human brains can learn when they get in touch with another culture. No matter what you want to learn, just get in touch with it!

I find many of my students know a lot of the language even though they cannot speak it fluently or find difficult to create a message from scratch, but they can get by quite well if needed under certain circumstances.

Use the natural flow of languages to learn it in your personal life imitating the lifestyle of people living near the borders, in which they  get in touch with another culture naturally

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