Do what you want

English: 2010 Mavericks surfing competition. T...

Nothing better than doing what we want, no responsibilities, not worries, just what you want! Let’s make it, let’s use it properly!

The best thing of language learning is that we can learn doing what we like most. Unlike work, other subjects or washing up, we can live our passions, we only have to live it in a second language.

Change the perspective

You don’t have to be studying all the time. In my classes, following the Thinking Languages! method, students tend to be more academic than me, that I’m the teacher.

Change your point of view, let’s live our passion in a different language, which is not that difficult.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Live life to the full!

I’m a motorcycle enthusiast. I am totally mad about bikes, and that’s why I can spend hours, days, weeks, months and my entire life riding, talking about them, reading about them and so on.

What’s your passion? That hobby or thing you like so much you wouldn’t mind dedicating as much time as you like to it, find it! find it now!

Start researching, start watching videos, start travelling for it… just change the language! We can easily find yoga videos in any language on the internet. No matter what you choose, is it music? is it cooking? are you another motorcycle enthusiast? Research!


Happiness will help us

What’s the reason for doing something that hurts? Nothing! Do what you like the way you like it!

This doesn’t mean you can give yourself excuses for the hard stuff, hard means good so do the hard stuff happily as well.

Keep having fun! Keep Thinking!



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