Students I don’t want to teach


Many students complain when they don’t like their teachers, but can it be the opposite? Well we have our preferences, of course…

I believe education should be universal, and I strongly believe everybody has the right to be well-educated and not get the same chances as anyone else. Knowing that, people get on well with other people or not.

The student who will fail

We can call it a second nature thing maybe, but I pretty much know when a student is going to do badly in the class. Some attitudes or thoughts show how some lack intentions a good student should have.

This never happens with children, as they might be naughty or difficult, but they’re always great people and they can adapt to the majority of situations.

However; some adults come to classes a bit confused, not knowing what to expect or without knowing anything at all from the classes. Their results, as you can imagine, are not very good.

The teacher is wrong

A first impression is just that, an impression, and until you get to know well¬† that person, you’ll never know. I must say I have been wrong in many occasions regarding this first impression.

In many cases, some students I first thought were going to be great, were actually crap, and sorry for the expression, but yes, if you don’t do what it takes, you are a bit crappy as a student.

So my biggest issue was that some  people will slow down a class or make me waste my time, which I really hate.

I get very surprised when the opposite happens and a supposedly bad student turns out to be a real good one. Whichever the case, I’m always happy to teach anyone who can learn and students will never know when I think one way or another.

Keep Thinking!

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