How can I make you understand?

English: email envelope

Dear student, I’m writing this letter to you because I want you to improve, I want you to speak a foreign language fluently…

Nothing could be more satisfying for me than listening to you speaking in tongues in front of your friends, impressing the people you know, being promoted in your job or just pushing forward your career. And I really want to help you.

But there are still some things I cannot work with, things I cannot understand, and things I might have forgotten from my years as a student.

Please, don’t lie to me, don’t tell me excuses, don’t misuse what we’re doing because it’s important. We all experience moods, we all get tired… I understand…

But I need you, dear student, to be brave while we’re going through this perilous adventures and that learning becomes the norm, not the suffering. I want you to take your chances and makes mistakes.

I also want you to know you’re special, you’re unique, you’re the only one who resides inside your head, and it’s only you the one who learns. I cannot teach you anything at all, but please follow my lead so I can take you to that place where you’ll learn something.

I might be a bit selfish, as I do things for you, but unless you suceed I am the one who suffers. I am the one to blame. I am the one to work harder… but only with you by my side.

Best regards,

Your teacher

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